Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis Treatment With Botox® C.

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So I was on Youtube the other day and I happened across an interesting video documenting Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Botox.  The Doctor injects the Botox into 20-30 different sites on the underarm area which results in 80-90% reduction in sweating.  If you’re at all squemish, you’re not going to want to watch this.

Pretty interesting isn’t it?  This is something which you will have to do on an ongoing basis if you choose this form of treatment as the treatment is somewhat temporary (6-12 months).  In addition, it will be costly as this IS surgery.

If you have the money and are willing to go through the slight discomfort every 6-12 months, then this can be an effective method of Hyperhidrosis treatment.

If this isn’t your cup of tea though, there are plenty of 100% natural methods available that many people have found just as effective as surgery.  It’s advisible you look down that path first.

For more information on a 100% Natural Hyperhidrosis treatment, click HERE.

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How Can I Stop Sweating?

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“How Can I Stop Sweating???” I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question on many occasions in different ways…You know you’re frustrated when you’re talking to yourself :)

Well, if we’re going to break it down, there are essentially 2 main ways for you to stop sweating.  You can either use topical treatments or systemic treatments.  Pretty much every treatment falls into one of those two categories…have a look at the following:

Q: How Can I Stop Sweating? – Answer #1: Topical Treatments

Topical treatments involve all products you would apply directly to the skin to stop sweating.  The main one being over the counter antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride at 15-20%.  Aluminum chloride is the active ingredient which prevents the sweat from breaking through your skin.

Examples:  Certain Dri, Driclor, Mitchum, Hydrosal

The next step up in topical treatments is to get a prescription antiperspirant.  These contain the active ingredient aluminum chloride in concentrations between 20-40%!  If you go this route, speak to your Doctor about what your options are.  But one of the most popular prescription antiperspirants is Drysol.  You can also get a gel based antiperspirant which can be used on the face, hands and feet which is prescription(20-40%) by speaking to your Doctor.

Q: How Can I Stop Sweating? – Answer #2:  Systemic Treatments

Systemic treatments really get to the root of the problem in that they influence your systemic nervous system.  You see, your systemic nerves near your armpit signal your sweat glands to excrete sweat.  In those of us with Hyperhidrosis, these nerves tend to get a little trigger happy and cause us to sweat a bit too much.

One thing you can take to keep this under control are oral medications like anticholinergics, beta blockers, sedatives or tranquilizers.  Tranquilizers and sedatives work mainly in cases where the sweating is stress or anxiety related.  For all other cases, you’ll be looking at anticholinergics and beta blockers.

The only thing is with these treatments, there are many documented side-effects like dry-mouth, dizziness, constipation, problems sleeping and several others.  It’s for this reason you want to consider pills only after trying everything else.

It’s best you try a natural method first such as Stop Sweating and Start Living, this has worked well for thousands of people with sweating problems.  To check this treatment method out, click on this link.

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Excessive Foot Sweating

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Are you looking to get rid of excessive foot sweating?  Sweaty feet are not only uncomfortable to have throughout the day but they can also cause some foul smelling odor!  And for you women out there, as if walking in heels wasn’t hard enough, excessive foot sweating doesn’t help the matter any!  So how can we go about reducing the sweating and living a more comfortable lifestyle?

1.    Wear The Right Socks!

Certain fabrics are more breathable than others, you mainly want to be wearing cotton socks, so cut out any nylon, rayon or any other unnatural fibered sock.  This one tip can make a huge difference on it’s own, believe me, try switching to only cotton socks.

2.    For The Ladies In Heels…

Ladies, if you need more traction when in high heels, this one’s for you, head over to Payless shoes and pick up some inserts for your shoes.  You can pick up inserts that fit in the ball of the foot area and prevent you from slipping out of your heels.  If you don’t have that store nearby or they don’t  have it, try looking for these online.

3.    Stock Up On Socks

One final trick you can use is to simply bring more pairs of socks to work with you.  When you get the chance during the day, head over to the washroom and change your socks, it will rejuvenate you and help you get through the rest of the day.  It may seem odd to be doing this, but you get used to it.  Hey, there are people who brush their teeth in public washrooms, so it’s not like we’re alone with our quirks!

Any of these tips will help you get rid of excessive foot sweating, however at best you will be managing it.  If you want a real solution, if you want to never have to worry about excessive sweating ever again, you’re going to want to look into some treatment that packs more of a punch! Click here for a permanent solution.

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