Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis Treatment With Botox® C.

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So I was on Youtube the other day and I happened across an interesting video documenting Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Botox.  The Doctor injects the Botox into 20-30 different sites on the underarm area which results in 80-90% reduction in sweating.  If you’re at all squemish, you’re not going to want to watch this.

Pretty interesting isn’t it?  This is something which you will have to do on an ongoing basis if you choose this form of treatment as the treatment is somewhat temporary (6-12 months).  In addition, it will be costly as this IS surgery.

If you have the money and are willing to go through the slight discomfort every 6-12 months, then this can be an effective method of Hyperhidrosis treatment.

If this isn’t your cup of tea though, there are plenty of 100% natural methods available that many people have found just as effective as surgery.  It’s advisible you look down that path first.

For more information on a 100% Natural Hyperhidrosis treatment, click HERE.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatments

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Looking into any Hyperhidrosis treatments?  I understand your frustration, there are only a few professional treatment methods available to you and they each have their pros and cons.  I’m going to go over them with you here real quick to give you an idea of what your options are.

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Hyperhidrosis Surgery – Is It Really Worth It?

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Are you considering hyperhidrosis surgery?  It’s quite a serious step to take to go under the knife.  Granted this condition can drive you absolutely crazy that I don’t blame you, however before you dive in, here’s what you need to know:

Hyperhidrosis surgery, is mainly referred to as ETS surgery, this is short for Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy surgery.  The first thing that happens is small incisions are made on both sides of your back that are 1/12th of an inch large.  Once this is done, a small camera is inserted in past your ribcage to find the main “sympathetic trunk” which is a bunch of nerves which signal to your sweat glands to sweat.

Now, depending on what you want to treat, be it your underarms, forehead or palms, certain “ganglions” are essentially burned and destroyed, preventing that area of the body from sweating, permanently.
Now this is both good and bad.  The reason why I say it can be bad is you will now be at greater risk of heatstroke.  This is particularly important if you live in a high temperature climate or ever intend on visiting such a place.

Also, you are at risk of getting compensatory sweating which is sweating of the trunk, thighs or butt in compensation for the lack of sweat elsewhere on the body.  In fact, most people do get some form of this after surgery, it’s just that for most it’s not that severe.  But if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones(the 10%), your life will be made a living hell.  Some people can’t even go the day without changing their shirt because their back and stomach just end up drenching it.

So considering all this, hyperhidrosis surgery may not be the best cure out there for you.  The good news is there are ways of solving this problem by natural means, you should definitely explore this method fully before even considering surgery.   One of the best natural treatments can cure your sweating in as little as two weeks time, you can check it out for yourself by clicking this link.

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