Control Excessive Sweating

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Do you need to learn how to control excessive sweating so it doesn’t wind up getting the best of you?  It sucks when you’re out and about and you just can’t stop yourself from sweating, you feel like a slave to it!  It stops you from being as social, from going out to certain places and basically living life.  So what are some ways to keep it under wraps so we can be free for a change?  Here’s how:

1.    Use a Gel Based Antiperspirant

One way to control excessive sweating is with a gel based antiperspirant.  Why gel?  Because with this kind you can use it on your underarms, your hands, your face, even your feet!  It’s not only designed for the underarms.  If you have excessive sweating on other areas of your body, make sure you carry around some gel based antiperspirant at all times.

2.    Mr. Hanky

Ok, this is just basic but you’d be surprised how few people do this.  Simply carry around a handkerchief with you everywhere you go.  That way if you need to wipe your brow, just whip it up and pat yourself down.  The only downside with this method is if you have to keep on pulling it out all the time, but it’s better than nothing!

3.     Watch Your Diet

There are certain foods which can actually make us sweat more and it would do you good to stay clear of those.  Namely spicy foods, they trigger your sympathetic nervous system and thus result in sweating.
Now these tips will definitely help you control excessive sweating, but if you want to end your excessive sweating problem for good, you’re going to need to look into a more powerful solution.  There is actually one which cuts your sweating off like a tap after only two weeks, you can learn more about it by clicking this link.

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