Cure Underarm Sweating

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So you want to outright cure underarm sweating?  I feel you, I mean they have cures for conditions a lot more complicated, how can they not have one for excessive sweating?  Well, the truth is there are some cures available, but the question is whether or not you’d be willing to  go through with them.  What do I mean?  Well, what I’m talking about here is surgery and not everyone is willing to go under the knife in order to cure underarm sweating.

One of the most popular surgical methods is ETS surgery.  This involves making incisions in your back and inserting a small camera inside  so the doctor can find your sympathetic nerves.  Once found, these nerves are then burned, thus severing their link to your sweat glands. Why is this important?  Because your sympathetic nerves are what signal your body to sweat in the first place.  Now this will result in a reduction in sweating by as much as 98%, however there are some important things to note:

-This creates compensatory sweating in almost all patients.  Doctors might play it off as a much smaller percentage, but some level of compensatory sweating will take place (sweating from other areas of the body to make up for the lack of underarm sweat).

-ETS surgery may reduce your resting heart rate.  The number of people this applies to varies from 10-50%, but you’ve got to ask yourself, do you want to mess with your heart over this?  If you’re an athlete, this can effect your performance as a side effect.

-You will no longer be able to sweat above your nipples.  People complain of dry face and scalp after surgery due to this.  Do you want to be at risk of heatstroke just so that you can sweat less?

So while ets surgery is considered one of the best ways to cure underarm sweating, hopefully the above will give you some food for thought. The good thing is, many people have cured their sweating in more natural ways as well.  in fact, one of the most popular sweating cures is an all natural cure which is easy to implement and works within two weeks!  Check it out for yourself here.

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