Excessive Facial Sweating

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Wow, excessive facial sweating is just the worst!  Not only do you have to deal with the irritance but it’s written all over your face! There’s no doubt it’s one of the worst sweating issues to deal with as it is hard to conceal, so given this, what are your best options? IS there any good way of eliminating the sweat so that it doesn’t look like you just emerged from a sauna all the time?

Well, Here are some tactics you can try to help your situation, see what works best for you:

1. Antiperspirant Gel

This excessive facial sweating treatment sure beats rubbing an antiperspirant stick all over your face.  You can buy it online or even in some stores out there.  It’s specifically made for your face although you can use it on your hands or feet if you need to.  Simply use a thin layer of it and rub it on your face, let it dry and presto, your face now has an invisible barrier to fight sweat!

2. The Good Ol’ Washcloth

It had to be said.  I mean, it’s simple, it’s handy and it works.  Just carry around a cloth with you and you can wipe your forehead clean at any time, preferably in a discrete fashion.  You can also try wetting this with some vinegar as vinegar as a side effect tends to close up the pores.

3. Fans, fans Everywhere

Buy lots of fans and make sure you’re in a stream of air as much as possible.  It sounds silly but it does work.  Get a fan for your work and always have it on, right on your desk.  Get a fan for your car if your air conditioning sucks.  Hell, carry around one of those small $1 portable fans if you have to!

Hopefully that will get you going in the battle against excessive facial sweating.  If you need more ammo, there is one other natural remedy which has helped out thousands so far.  You can check that out by clicking this link.

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