Excessive Foot Sweating

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For those of you who have issues with Excessive Foot Sweating, I have some tips that are going to help make it more manageable for you on a day to day basis.  Dealing with sweaty feet can making walking about extremely uncomfortable.  It becomes a relief at the end of the day to FINALLY take off your socks, at which point they are just drenched in sweat!  It doesn’t have to be that bad though, there are certain things you can do to greatly minimize uncomfortable foot sweating.

Firstly what you’re going to want to do is only wear 100% cotton socks!  This is especially important for you guys with excessive foot sweating.  A lot of dress socks guys wear are not 100% cotton and make the situation a lot worse.  The fibers are not breathable and at the end of the day you can almost hear the wetness as you rub your toes together inside of your shoes.  Wearing cotton socks greatly helps the situation!  They may be thicker than your usual dress socks but they will be a definite help in eliminating your excessive foot sweating.

This other tip can literally double or triple your relief from foot sweating on a daily basis and it is so simple to do.  Granted, this is going to take a little bit more planning on your part as well as privacy, but once you get used to doing it, it will provide you with A LOT more relief.

All you need to do is simply bring an extra pair or two of socks with you to work!  Just find yourself some time during the day to replace your socks with a clean and dry pair and you’ll reduce the amount of discomfort you feel throughout the day.  You can do it discreetly during lunch or just excuse yourself to the washroom and do it there.

The best program I have found with helps eliminate not only excessive foot sweating but ALL sweating by up to 95% is Stop Sweating Start Living.  If you’re serious about fixing this issue once and for all, I’d highly recommend you have a look at it by clicking this link.

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