Excessive Head Sweating

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Not much is worse than excessive head sweating.  It’s one thing to have sweaty underarms, but to have a sweaty forehead all the time really draws attention to you, quick! I’ve spent so much time and effort trying out different things to fix the problem, nothing worked as well as I wanted it to, it was frustrating.  I did manage to find a few tips that helped during my struggles.  If you implement all of these at once you will see some decent benefits, try these out for yourself:

1. Incorporate A Headband Into Your Wardrobe

Now it helps if you’re a guy who’s into sports, but take a shot at making this look work for you.  Just start wearing sportier clothes and make a stylish headband a part of your getup.  Another thing you could do which will help somewhat is wear a do-rag underneath a baseball cap.

2. Get An Antiperspirant Gel

In dealing with excessive head sweating, a good antiperspirant gel sure beats rubbing a dry antiperspirant stick over your head.  You can sometimes find these gel based  antiperspirants in a store, but if not, you’ll definitely find them online.  just use a thin coating on your face before you head out the door.

3.  Hit The Gym

Yes, start exercising more!  A lot of excessive head sweating is due to carrying around too much excess weight.  Make it a habit of heading out to the gym at least 3 times a week and do some cardio and weight training.  start off small and work your way up.  Do 20 minutes of cardio to begin, then slowly raise that up to 45 minutes.  Also, bring weights into the picture.  Weights in addition to cardio really makes a difference and you will really start seeing the fat melt off.  Not only will you look better, but you’ll notice you end up sweating less too.

Finally one final thing you should try which will essentially guarantee success is a good stop sweating program.  There is one really popular one out there which has helped cure thousands so far.  Check it out for yourself here.

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