Excessive Sweating Under Arms

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Are excessive sweating under arms getting you down?  I know the feeling, you try all sorts of anti-sweat products, you try different tricks like wearing black tops and wearing layers of clothes but nothing seems to bring make your sweating more manageable.  It’s frustrating, but what I’m going to do is give you a long list of different things you can try so that hopefully you’ll be able to get your excessive sweating under arms under control.  I should also note that if you do more than one of the below, you will only increase the chances of reducing your sweating. So, without further ado:
1. Drysol – It’s a powerful prescription antiperspirant which has worked for over 80% of those who have tried it.  Simply apply it at night before you go to bed.  Over time you’ll only need to use it 2-3 times a week to maintain the reduction in sweat.

2. Driclor – This is Drysol’s cousin.  It works in exactly the same way, get one or the other.  These both have aluminum chloride in them which is the active ingredient in all antiperspirants, even in over the counter ones, except here you’ll get it in more than double the regular concentration.

3. Wheat Grass – High in many types of Vitamin B, drinking a glass of this each day will give you noticeable results in a weeks time.

4. Charcoal – Eating charcoal on an empty stomach daily can help to reduce sweat believe it or not.  If you get stomach aches from doing this, just eat it along with your meals.

5. Yoga – Take up a relaxing hobby like Yoga to help reduce your daily stresses and help you to manage your anxiety.  This will make you more calm, cool and relaxed if you practice it daily.  For you girls: it’s fun and everyone’s doing it!  For you guys: it’s fun and all the girls are doing it! :>

That should be enough to get you going. If you want to fix this, it’s going to require a bit of effort.  But if none of the above seem like things you want to try, then there is another way to deal with excessive sweating under arms which is really simple and even more powerful that you can test out.  Click here to check it out for yourself.

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