How To Stop Sweating

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If you’ve ever wondered how to stop sweating so much, you’re probably like me and have a condition known as hyperhidrosis.  Nothing to be afraid of, it just means we have an overactive sweat glands.  It can be bad, I know; having to take frequent trips to the bathroom to pad out your underarms and splash water on your face, wearing layers of clothes so the sweat stains don’t show through.  It can be a stressful condition to deal with, but you don’t have to suffer forever, there are simple ways how to stop sweating from negatively impacting your life.

If it’s warm outside, do not wear black or other dark clothes, dark clothes will absorb heat and make the situation worse for you.  Now I know there are some of you who like wearing black clothes since people can’t see your sweat stains as easily, but if you want to learn how to stop sweating rather than hide it, you’re going to have to change your wardrobe a bit.

In learning how to stop sweating it also helps to try wearing loose fitting clothing. Tight clothes which constrict your body promotes sweating.  For the ladies who wear tight fitting tops and my bodybuilding brethren, heed these words.  As a guy who is a bodybuilder who wears a lot of muscle shirts, I can see a huge difference between when I wear my muscle shirts and more loosely fitted dress shirts.
One final word on how to stop sweating is to only wear clothes which are made of natural, breathable fibres.  Lets call it “breathe easy fashion”.  100% cotton, linen, 100% wool, merino and cashmere are good choices.  Bad choices include corduroy, silk, polyester and polyester blends, nylon and flannel.

To Learn more about how to stop sweating naturally, click HERE.

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