Hyperhidrosis Cure

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Is there a Hyperhidrosis cure, or are we all destined to sweat like apple munching pigs on a rotating skewer?  That is the question that is on everyone’s minds…at least mine.  What I’ve found out though is that there are ways to bring the sweating down to more manageable levels, levels that you can live with and will be happy with.  Here are some ways you can do just that..

1. Sage

In looking for a Hyperhidrosis cure, this is one of the best.  Simply boil a cup of water then steep a tablespoon of sage leaves in it for a good 10 minutes.  Don’t leave it in too long though since toxins can be released from the sage if left for too long.  Once done, remove the leaves and drink the concoction, some have reported a successful reduction in sweating by as much as 50%!

2.  Botox

While this is not as palatable as the sage, it is never-the-less effective.  Botox injections work by interrupting your sympathetic nerve signals to your sweat glands which normally cause them to start sweating.  Granted, you need to pay about $600 to get this done and it lasts only 6-12 months, but those will be some fun months, that’s for sure!

3.  Drysol

Now if you haven’t tried this, you should.  It is an antiperspirant, but can still be considered a Hyperhidrosis cure as it is effective for over 80% of those who try it.  It has aluminum chloride in concentrations of as much as 40% which is double what you find over the counter.  It is the king of antiperspirants, that’s for sure.

If none of these methods strike your fancy, that’s O.K. there is another option.  It’s a natural and safe method which has  helped over 7,200 people thus far, and counting.  If you want to learn more about it, click this link.

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