Medication For Excessive Sweating

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Looking for medication for excessive sweating?  You’re not alone, millions of people around the world seek medication or pills as a form of treatment from anything from weight loss to depression, we are a society of pill poppers!  Why is this?  Well, we value instant gratification and pills are often seen as a cure-all for whatever ails you.   Is this the case though?  Can oral medications be the answer to your excessive sweating problem?

If you’re looking for a medication for excessive sweating there are plenty out there.  There are beta blockers, anticholinergics and then there’s clonidine hydrochloride.  Big words…but essentially this boils down to a select few drugs: Diltiazem, Oxybutynin, Robinul, Propanteline and Benztropine are just a few of the ones you can pick up.  Now all of these are intended to treat excessive sweating however none of them are reccommended as a long term solution.  The reason being is that these all have bad side effects.  You can wind up with dry mouth, impaired speech, blurred vision, heart palpatations and several more issues which can be more serious than your excess sweating.  Not only this, but sometimes you see the side effects before you see any sweating improvement!

This is why if you’re looking for a medication for excessive sweating, be sure you have tried other safer methods first, see this as well as surgery as one of the last resorts.  There are plenty of healthier ways of reducing your sweating.  Mike Ramsey, author of Stop Sweating Start Living has a all natural program which over 7,200 people have used to success.  To learn more about it, visit this link.

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