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Want to stop armpit sweat from getting the best of you?  Whether you’re at school or at work, excessive underarm sweating can really  turn an otherwise pleasant day into one where you’re a nervous wreck!  You constantly take time out to pad your underarms in the washroom,  you’re self-conscious of how you smell throughout the day, you spend every other moment wondering if people are noticing your sweat stains, list goes on and on.  So how can you stop armpit sweat so you don’t have to keep living your life like this? The key is to attack the problem  from multiple fronts.

Firstly, You want to implement something which can start working right now.  You want something which is going to prevent the sweat from  getting through your shirt and creating those dreaded sweat rings.  One thing you can use right now to do this is sweat pads.  These are adhesive pads which you can place on the insides of your shirt right near your underarms that help absorb sweat before it reaches your shirt. You can get them online, they’re pretty cheap and they work great.  If you need even further protection, put them on your undershirt, and then wear your normal shirt over top of that.

Now that you’ve got an extra 1 or 2 layers providing some protection, you’re also going to want to work to reduce the sweat.  Here are a list of ways for you to stop armpit sweat.  Remember, the more of these you do, the less you’re going to be sweating:

1. Drink more water – The more cold water you drink, the better your body will be at regulating it’s temperature which is what it’s trying to do as it is by sweating.  The better it can regulate it’s temperature, the less you end up sweating.

2. Stop drinking coffee – Coffee is loaded with caffeine and it has sugar.  Both of these increase anxiety levels and thus increase sweating.

3. Stop drinking alcohol – I know you’d rather not hear this, but alcohol increases your body temperature which, yup, leads to more sweating! To stop armpit sweat, stop drinking alcohol and you will not be as sweaty on your nights out.

4. Exercise more – It’s been shown that excess fat on your body inhibits your body’s ability to regulate it’s temperature.  This leads to increased sweating in compensation for this.  Losing 10-15 pounds of fat(if you have it to lose) can do wonders for your sweating.  If you can’t see a trace of abs, there is fat to lose!

To stop armpit sweat, put all of the above into action!  This is a very powerful formula, these tactics when done all at once will definitely result in you sweating less.

If you want to sweat less, it’s going to take some effort on your part to employ this strategy.  If you feel like your case is hopeless or  that you want something that works well but is going to be easier for you to employ, then a program like this would be more for you: Show me the program

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