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If you’ve been searching on the Internet long enough for a solution to your excessive sweating, then chances are you’ve run across Stop Sweating and Start Living before.  But what’s the deal with this book?  Can it really help you to eliminate your excessive sweating quickly and naturally in a matter of two weeks?!

Well if you don’t know the story already, the author, Mike Ramsey, says he’s discovered a simple 3 step solution which you can begin putting to use the very same day you read the book and begin seeing results in a matter of days.  And as crazy as that may be, when you’ve tried just about EVERYTHING to stop your sweating and nothing has worked,  you’re willing to keep an open mind…

So this is the low-down on Mike Ramsey, author of Stop Sweating and Start Living:

-He’s 37 year old, married with three kids who suffered with Hyperhidrosis until he created his system at the age of 27.
-He went through all the sweating pains we have, in his book Mike states:

“I tried more than a dozen types of antiperspirants.”

“I took showers morning and night. Sometimes I would come home during lunch to shower as well.”

“I wore oversized shirts for better ventilation and to keep my underarms from contacting my shirt. (This didn’t work because the sweat would just drip down to my sides and create wet marks near my waistline.”

“I brought clean undershirts to work and changed several times daily.”

It was only after attending a seminar on natural health where he had his “Aha” moment and came up with the idea behind Stop Sweating and Start Living.

Ok, so enough about Mike, after having read and used the book, this is MY take on it:

1.  The solution is simple

When you find out what you need to do you will realize this is something you can start doing pretty much right after you read about it.  All you have to do is go buy a couple of cheap products from your local Walmart and you’ll be ready to start.  I  remember when I first learned of what I needed to do I was pretty excited about trying it, From buying the book to using it was probably a little over an hour.

2.  The solution is quick

When Mike said that it only takes 30 seconds, I thought it was some marketing gimmic, but it really does only take 30 seconds.  If you’re wondering how 30 seconds a day could possibly be enough, it will all make sense once you read the book.  In fact, overdoing it for more than a minute can actually be WORSE for you in terms of seeing results.

Because the Stop Sweating and Start Living program takes so little time it is very easy to make it a part of your daily regimen each morning.

3.  You start seeing results pretty fast

This is the exciting part, seeing visible results within a weeks time.  You normally don’t expect anything from treatments if you’ve had Hyperhidrosis for any length of time, but with this treatment I was seeing some DEFINATE change after 5 days.  It was really shocking and even more was the fact that things continued to improve the following week.

If you’ve tried of using regular antiperspirants, Drysol, Rubinol, Iontophoresis and other products or tactics with little to no success, this program can really surprise you.  It is a great way to combat your sweating problem at it’s source.

So the reason why you’ve heard all this noise about this program is because it’s powerful and it works.  It’s definately helped me, but the important thing is will it help YOU…  Can I say for sure you’ll see the results I did?  No… however I’m not alone in my success witht his, there are literally thousands of who have tried this and now no longer have to live a life of discomfort and continual social embarrassment.  So if right now you’re at your wits end, and just about to throw in the towel, I’d suggest you take Mike Ramsey up on his offer.

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One Response to “Stop Sweating and Start Living”
  1. elizabeth says:

    i dont have the money to buy this book can someone tell me these steps. ive been struggling with this problem for years now and it has actually brought me to tears knowing that everyone in school laughs at me and is disgusted by my sweat. please help me by telling me these steps

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