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Some time ago I was looking through YouTube and I came across a video on sweating hands.  When I opened it up, I saw a young guy playing “Guitar Hero”, a video game for the PS2 which you play on guitar which you connect up to the system.  After playing the game on camera for only a few minutes, his hands were literally dripping sweat onto his guitar.  He couldn’t even play the game he loved without having to deal with his sweating hands! It’s because of this that so many people seek out a solution to end their torment once and for all, but what can be done?

Well, one form of treatment which is over 80% effective is Iontophoresis.  It is a treatment in which you place your hands in a shallow pan filled with water and have an electric current passed through it.  This will not be strong enough to harm you, but strong enough to cause the minerals in the water to form around your hand a protective barrier that prevents sweat from escaping.  Now you will need to do this several times a week at first for a good 30-45 minutes, but over time you can bring it down to only once a month.

But did you know this treatment can be made FAR more effective with 1 key ingredient???

If you simply take an oral anticholinergic and dissolve that into the water, the treatment’s effectiveness will be greatly improved!  Somehow the oral anticholinergic acts with the minerals in the water to enhance the protective barrier even further…So although oral anticholinergics cause a lot of side effects when ingested, in this way you will be side effect free and your sweating hands issue will be well taken care of.

If doing all this seems like too much for you, there are other options.  I would suggest an all natural method, one you can find through this link.

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