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What is the best sweating remedy?  Well, that’s a tough question to answer because different things work for different people.  Even things like surgery do not work on absolutely everyone.  But overall, there is one treatment which many people seem to have  success with and if you’re looking for a sweating remedy, you should definitely give it a try.  What am I talking about?

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If you’ve heard about this before, I’m going to tell it to you yet again, sometimes it takes hearing it over and over for it to register, but sage is really quite powerful.

You see sage will not only help with excess sweating, but also night sweats, cold sweats and hot flash sweats.

It will also help to calm your nerves.  Sage has various ingredients like cacium, thiamine, potassium and magnesium which all work to  reduce your stress levels which thus leads to less sweating.

There was a study done on sage with 35 patients, half men, half women who had various forms of Hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating).  Some of the patients had the sage rubbed on their bodies where they sweat and others drank the sage in the form of a tea, three times a day for six weeks.  The result?  For the control group who rubbed it on, nothing…But for those who ingested it there was a reduction in sweating by almost 37%.

So how do you put this to work for yourself? It’s simple:

1. Bring a cup of water to a boil
2. Get either a tablespoon of sage leaves or a teaspoon of dried sage and steep it in the water for a good 5-10 minutes
3. Strain the concoction and add a slice of lemon or some honey to taste

That’s it!

There is only one thing you need to be wary of and that is not to steep it longer than 15 minutes as toxic chemicals may begin seeping out if left for too long.  So do not over-steep!

This is definitely a sweating remedy you’ll want to consider, but if the whole toxin bit got you worried or if you have an extreme case of sweating, you may want to look into a more powerful, natural and safe solution – Tell me about it.

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One Response to “Sweating Remedy”
  1. Anita says:

    I’ll have to suggest this to my customers. I’d never heard of sage as a remedy for sweating. Thanks for this great information. Perhaps it will help with hot flashes and night sweats.

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