Cure For Sweating

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Is there a cure for sweating?  Can this issue truly be resolved once and for all?  For those of us affected by excessive sweating, having an answer to this question is of the utmost importance to us.  With the advances in today’s modern society you would think that there would be a cure for a condition as simple as sweating.  The good news is, there are many ways for you to manage your sweating.  You never want to eliminate ALL sweating as sweating is our body’s way of regulating it’s temperature, without it, you risk dying of heatstroke.  So considering that here is what you’re going to want to try first:

In looking for a cure for sweating, you’re first going to want to try an antiperspirant.  This is the first line of defense and some of them work to at least alleviate some of your sweating.  If you want to get a more powerful antiperspirant, you’re looking at prescription antiperspirants.  These contain the active ingredient aluminum chloride at 30-40%.  If you’re going down that route, have a look at Drysol, this has worked for over 80% of people with excessive sweating.  If you use this, make sure you don’t use it on recently shaved skin and wash it off in the morning with plain water to avoid any irritation.

Another product to use if you’re looking for a cure for sweating is a crystal deodorant stone.  What is it?  It is a product which will help kill any underarm bacteria and thus reduce any odor you have associated with your sweating.  You can find these things on the Internet, all you have to do is wet your underarms and then rub on the stone as you would a deodorant stick.  Once done, wipe clean the stone and put it away.  The stone can last up to a year and is dirt cheap, so you should definitely look at picking one up.

A great way to cure sweating though is to use a more natural method.  One product this has worked for many people and is a popular solution to the problem is Stop Sweating and Start Living. To find out more about it, click this link.

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Treatment For Sweating

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There is an amazing treatment for sweating that not many people have heard of.  Although it is mostly for controlling the odor caused by your sweating, it is amazingly effective when combined with other excessive sweating products.  You won’t find it in any local store, Crystal Deoderant Stonebut you can find it if you’re diligent in your online searching.  What is it?

A crystal deodorant stone!

Yes, a stone!  Strange but effective.   You see your underarm only gets smelly due to the bacteria there feeding off of your sweat and excreting their waste.  Your armpit odor is just bacteria odor, so how do you get rid of the odor?  Get rid of the bacteria of course!  This treatment for sweating works to kill all odor causing bacteria on your underarms.

Just do a search on the Internet for “crystal deodorant stick” or “crystal deodorant stone” and you should find it.  The great thing about it is it’s really cheap and it lasts a LONG time!  When I say long, I mean like 1 year long!

All you have to do is wet your underarms a bit then simply rub the crystal deodorant stone on your underarms like you would a regular deodorant stick and you’re good to go.  You can even try combining this with other treatment methods like antiperspirants.

This is one little known treatment for sweating you’re going to want in your arsenal.

If you’re looking to get your sweating under control rather than odor, there is a great natural remedy available which you can find by clicking this link.

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